Hotmail Login has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Hotmail Login currently has many more feature rich, integrated and secure than ever before. Now is the perfect time and the most appropriate, so that we use and engage than ever with Hotmail service!


5 new Hotmail features include:

Smart Newsletter Filtering - Filter Intelligence - This feature will help users to mark and clear away the newspaper or newsletter with a single click or unsubscribe newsletter altogether.

Sort and manage advanced folder: This feature helps users choose to sort messages in the inbox Hotmail Login, not put files in separate folders.

Plan to move mail - This feature will help users to automatically delete files long day, moving out newsletters and newspapers have expired login hotmail. And users can keep only the latest information from the sender

Flags done right - Mark through the flags Flags, to keep priority messages in a user's mailbox hotmail signin on the same location. Users will no longer have to mark the gestational status "unread" or send an email to yourself to keep them at the top priority of the user.

Action is fast- buttons will appear when users mouse panning through email to help users to delete, mark flag, scanned mail ... with just one click. Current users can optimize the interface for the mailbox by deleting or adding and buttons on the taskbar, for the most frequently used functions.

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