In Hotmail Login, If accidentally lost or Windows Live Hotmail account contains lots of communication with friends, relatives, partners, ... you can use the following methods to recover your account
Taking account information while still remember the second email address provided at registration.


First you visit address. Your appears in the interface options to recover form the account as:
I forgot my password: forgot password.

-I Know my password and Hotmail Login ID, but can not sign in: know your account name and password but can not sign in.

-I Think someone else is using my Windows Live ID: suspicious account was hacked.

After selecting clicking the link right below reset your password, enter your account name in the Windows Live ID, enter the confirmation code in the box and click next Character. Select Email me a reset link. Password recovery link will be emailed Monday you provided when you registered, click on the link in it to set a new password and Hotmail Login normal inbox.

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