Grouping news Hotmail Login has just added a new folder named for the newsletter Newsletter. "Hotmail will filter email alerts about fashion, travel or shopping and move them to the correct folder with 95% accuracy. This feature is extremely helpful in sorting mail, helping you set priorities for the relevant email to yourself.


In fact, every time you classify an email as a newsletter, the filter will better recognize, for both yourself and the other Hotmail Login users
Just one click to unsubscribe Hotmail Sign up helps you stop the newsletter with a single step. Click on the "unsubscribe Unsubscribe-" and Hotmail will help you complete the rest - automatically notify sites know to stop mailing you, use Sweep to immediately clean up your mail and remove all old messages sent from the same source, and finally pass any new messages from that source to the spam box until the sender takes you off their list.

Organize your inbox with Schedule Cleanup Maybe you want to receive the newsletter, but only want to keep the latest copy. Because newsletter offers shopping format is really useful only in the first week and be replaced by a new newsletter after certain period. Schedule Cleanup tool is a unique new Hotmail Login, runs in the background to keep your inbox organized with officials. With Schedule Cleanup, you can:

• Only keep the latest message sent from one source

• Remove expired messages

• Move messages to a folder when exceeding the time limit

And in this way whether or not read, the inbox is never blocked, accompanied doemail from your financial institution is automatically stored in a folder after 30 days

Set priorities for necessary email How to keep a critical email at the forefront and not forgotten? Someone marked unread message status. Some self resend messages to the letter it yourself is always the top positions.

But when new email arrives can still cause confusion. Hotmail Login lets users experience as Outlook, tracking the flag important messages through the flag. Mark messages with flags, instant messages will at the top of the inbox.

Moreover, you can even set up rules to automatically flag incoming mail from attaching certain senders. Thus, mailbox and identity always arranged at the highest position of the most important messages to certain duration.

Classification optionally mail Whatever features automatic mail sorting was almost enough to meet the needs of many, Hotmail Login still sorting option added ease of use, to help users control the inbox more efficiently.

Hotmail Login to quickly create a new folder and move emails related to that folder without having to bother looking for mail. At the same time, e-mail can be classified quickly and are displayed along Quick Views close the file, so you can easily find the desired email.

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