Hotmail Login service, one of the first of its kind, has been available to the public since 1996, so the experience is overwhelming. It began its existence as an independent company, but only a year later was acquired by the titan of Microsoft.
This transformed it into MSN Hotmail Login, an application that would accompany up to 300 million users as part of the most everyday in digital life for years.


Of course, every cycle has its end, even the one that became the most used webmail and chat service around the world: by 2013, the old-fashioned Sign in Hotmail design and its tendency to accumulate spam are replaced by the minimalist and more Secure Outlook, which, however, retains all the old users and admits the new ones also under the domain of Hotmail Login. After all, a name with so much weight could not disappear completely.

Today, having an address @hotmail, @msn, @live or @outlook means having access to an entire Microsoft account, which offers, in addition to the e-mail service, applications such as People, Skype , Office Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OneDrive (cloud storage), and Windows Store. That is why many users prefer it.

But, did you know that there are multiple ways to log in to Outlook or, what is the same, in your Microsoft account? Then we tell you so that you take full advantage of them.

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Hotmail Login

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