Creating Microsoft Hotmail account to Hotmail Login quite difficult for beginners. For greater convenience in using the services of Microsoft, I will guide detailing how to register Microsoft Hotmail account with pictures.
Hotmail is a free service that offers email accounts with 5GB of storage space. Once you create a Hotmail account, the same credentials (username and password) will allow you to access other Microsoft services like Windows Live Spaces, OneCare, Calendar, Gallery, and more. Hotmail accounts as well as Windows Live ID account, it also gives you access to other Microsoft services, such as Messenger, Xbox LIVE, ....


The new enhancements in Hotmail


Hotmail 2011 version different from the Hotmail in 2005 (of course, also unlike Hotmail 2010). With the interface and features such as Outlook, Hotmail's 2011 version also includes features fast access (shortcut) for keyboard and many options to personalize the email system of the user

Hotmail Login current version was really fast, from 10 to 20 times compared to version 2010. By cutting out the downloadable content to accelerate time to download, using several data buffer and stored on your computer preloaded some commonly used functions helped soothing Hotmail becomes permanently.

Hotmail can filter 98% of spam email with smart SmartScreen filter, blocking about 5.5 billion spam messages daily on the server system.

Hotmail works well with smartphones (smartphones). Whether the user is using Windows Phone or iOS phone or any kind of smartphone does still support users Login Hotmail sync email, calendar (schedule), and contact (contacts) from anywhere.

Users can chat, chat with your friends on Facebook from Hotmail.
Watch live video clips from YouTube, Hulu and other services from the email content. Users do not need to open another page to see beyond

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