Hotmail Login, Windows Live Hotmail, often referred to simply as Hotmail, is a free webmail service of Microsoft common, part of the Windows Live services group. The beta of the service was released on November 1, 2005 concurrent with the release of Windows Live, and the final version was released on May 7, 2007.


Transfer emails from Hotmail to Gmail

If you use Gmail, but still nostalgically with Outlook, you can choose the following solution. That move emails from Outlook, Hotmail to Gmail.

Step 1: First you need to log in to your account Hotmail.

Step 2: Next, you click on the photo wheel on Outlook menu bar and then click the Options / Preferences.

Step 3: Next, you click on the Line Email forwarding / Forward email

Step 4: Here you enter your email to gmail, then tick the Keep a copy of forwarded messages in inbox you / Keep copies of forwarded messages in your inbox and Save to finish

Such is above all just teach you how to move an email from Outlook, Hotmail to Gmail. Now you do not need to log in to gmail Hotmail independence that could Gmail login Hotmail messages. Currently, in addition to business email, you most users only use one email to communicate. Therefore you should forward all other email accounts on the same for ease of management.

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Hotmail Login

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