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Hotmail's new features


Here are some interesting new features for Hotmail:

Inbox New Views enables users preferred content filtering inbox items. The most useful feature here is probably the "From contacts" which are only visible in emails from people contacts (Contact lists) of the user. The user will see the message that really needs to be answered, and this is especially useful when users must often work with people in the contacts list.

In addition, there is another new Views Inbox filtering function for updates from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Besides, the email filtering features with photographs, documents or emails with updates.
In addition to the actual spam messages (such as advertising Viagra and other sexual ads ...) there is the semi-spam messages (such as bulletin boards used by persons previously registered and then you do not need anymore, or bonus shares in the stores where users not to buy anymore). Of course, users can find out how to not subscribe to a newsletter or register to receive coupons anymore. But with Hotmail's Sweep feature, users can remove the hassle out of there a lot easier by selecting the sender and choose to delete all e-mail senders, or automatically move them to a different folder if as if to hold back without disturbing inbox.
Active View is actually an interesting function. For example, users receive an email from a friend that has a video from YouTube, the content is about a sudden deterioration in the ground. The user will not only get a link to the video, but also shows a thumbnail of the video on this disaster and open the video in a popup window to the right mailbox. Besides YouTube videos, Hotmail also supports Hulu videos.

Active View also supports photos. If users receive photos from friends, the thumbnails of the photos will show up in the mail. Users can view the thumbnails on the same window or click on the photo and see them as a slide show on a pop-up.

Email sender does not need to use Hotmail or Active View, but the recipient must install Microsoft Silverlight.

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