Hotmail Login is the abbreviation of Windows Live Hotmail which is the e-mail service provided completely free of charge, creating an account is simple with high security feature formed by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, under the direct administration and management of Microsoft.



Hotmail launched the first official version on May 7, 2007 with the name Kahuna, as a design to replace MSN Hotmail.

Currently, Hotmail is attracting more than 500 million users around the world by the time of 2015, and has 36 language versions.

Although it is not as popular as Gmail or Yahoo, Internet users should also learn how to log in hotmail because Hotmail has plenty of equal usability features and hotmail login is fairly easy and simple.

Hotmail account registration

To be able to log in Hotmail, first users need to own a personal Hotmail account through the registration.

Registration steps

Step 1: Access to the address, then click Sign up now to register your new account.

Step 2: Enter complete information to the section Create an account.

Name: Name of the user (First: name, Last: surname).

User name: The hotmail name that the user wants to create. (Type stick together without marks, you can use the character _ or the mark.). This is also the name used to log in Hotmail.

Select the email extension (,,

Create password: Create your password (at least 8 characters with the discrimination of uppercase and lowercase).

Reenter password: Reenter your password.

Country/region: Name of the country in which the user lives.

Zip code: Postal code.

Birth date: Day, month and year of birth.

Gender: Select the sex of the user.

Step 3: After completing the information, users need to enter some security information to recover the account when needed, such as country code, user’s telephone number and alternate email address.

Then click Create account and confirm the registration.

Now you already have an account to Log in Hotmail any time.

Hotmail Login

In fact, Hotmail Login is quite easy and simple. Hotmail Login is like the login of gmail, yahoo … Users simply access to a certain website, then access to the home page address of Hotmail, enter the information of username and password to be able to Log in hotmail successfully.

Hotmail Login is easy but there are also separate utilities. When logging into Hotmail, users immediately have 5GB to contain emails, this software also helps users manage multiple email addresses at the same time, which is very convenient to store emails on your computer. Logging into Hotmail, users can also check and send emails from anywhere and anytime.


Hotmail is a very convenient software to manage the compilation, sending, receipt and storage of emails. Let’s Log in Hotmail - the web-based online e-mail service helps you send and receive emails of your friends and colleagues more quickly and conveniently.

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Hotmail Login

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