The emergence of the Internet brings many benefits in human life with a lot of gadgets. And one of these benefits is a new form of advertising - viral marketing. This is actually one of the basic forms of rumor is strengthened by the connectivity of the new technologies and Hotmail is an example of the most basic marketing spread.

Hotmail telegraph service, free electronic web-based, is one of the most basic example of viral marketing. By automatically attach a line of service "sign up and use e-mail services from Hotmail free" and provide a transmission line connected to the home page at the end of the message they help communicate go. Hotmail ensure that our customers are transmitting this message only by communication and information to each other.


Hotmail could actually prove to be problems simply by sending e-mails to their loved ones. Not having to spend any costs for the ad, but only within the first 18 months of operation, the brand has achieved the figure of 12 million people registered to use.

Today this brand has become Microsoft, but Hotmail question takes a lot of expenses on marketing. However Hotmail continued to grow and spread by turning every single e-mail into a marketing tool and the individual using the service as a brand ambassador.

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